Here's a quick little workout to get you through the weekend. You're in for some circuit work! You will be working through the 6 exercises below for each circuit. In round one, you will complete 60 seconds of each exercise with no rest in between. Once all exercises are completed rest for 30-60 seconds. Round 2 begins with 40 seconds of each exercise however in this set you are complete two full circuits before you rest. In your final round you will need to complete 3 sets through the circuit working for only 20 seconds per exercise. Keep your technique neat and push for intensity with each exercise.

Circuit times

Round 1
60 seconds per exercise
1 set through

Round 2
40 seconds per exercise
2 sets through

Round 3
20 seconds per exercise
3 sets through


Triple squat jump

Squat hold

Commando push ups


Bicycle kick

Mountain Climbers