Could not ask for a nicer day to get our start of the week sweat on, and in today's workout there will be sweat....lots of it. You've got drop sets today. Just a casual 10 rounds. Round 1 begins with 10 reps of each exercise. Every round after that you will simply take one rep off your previous set. Your set of work should look like this. Round 1 - 10 reps per exercise, round 2 - 9 reps per exercise, round 3 - 8 reps per exercise etc. Remember to try and squeeze in 2 sets of each workout with as little rest as needed in between sets. Get through the next 30 minutes of work and then grab yourself a nice cool drink while you soak up a little sun.  Enjoy!

Drop set 1


Spiderman push ups

Drop set 2

Wide to narrow squats

Jumping lungs

Drop set 3

Candle sticks

High leg crunches