Today's work out is called stairway to seven (Excuse the pun).  You've got seven exercises and seven minutes per workout. You'll begin your first workout at one rep of your first exercise and follow it up with two reps of your second exercise, three reps of your thirds, four reps of your fourth and so on. Once all seven exercises are complete you will continue to work through from exercise one adding one rep per exercise until 7 minutes are complete. Your goal is to get as high as possible in the 7 minutes. Once your workout is complete have a 2 minute rest and then start your second set in reverse from the last exercise you completed. Your goal here is to beat your last time and complete the workout in under 7 minutes! Repeat each workout twice and you're done for today. Enjoy :)

Burpee (full ROM)

Squat jump

Push up

Wide to narrow squat


Sit ups

High knees

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