It's Monday morning and odds are the weekends left you feeling inclined to make a slow to start your week. Well do I have news for you! Here's an awesome workout that'll get you fired up and have your fitness goals back on track. Today you're running the clock. Each workout will consist of 4 round of 4 exercises. In your first round you will complete 60 seconds of each exercise with no breaks in between. Once your first set is completed treat yourself to 15-30 seconds rest depending on how you're feeling (the less time here the better). For set 2, 3 and 4 you will complete the same exercise, how ever you will drop your time per exercise down to 45s for round 2, 30s for round 3 and 15s for round 4. Complete each workout once for today (or twice if you're really wanting a butt kicking) Happy sweating :)

Run the Clock 2

Plank to push up

Walking lunges

Plank knee raise

Star jumps


Run the Clock 1

Lay down push ups

1.5 squats

Starfish crunch

High knees