Humpty Dumpty is your new friend with benefits! Eggs are one of the best breakfast items you can have on the menu. So versatile and easy to prepare, a great wholefood addition to your daily meal plan. Eggs can also be added to lunchtime salads or boiled as a snack on the run. Why do we love eggs so much?

Eggs contain many important nutrients. In one egg you will get around 6grams of protein. This is great to boost the protein content of your breakfast, keeping you fuller for longer and less likely to reach for that mid-morning sweet snack. Eggs also contain choline, a nutrient for healthy cell membranes in your body and important for your mental and cognitive functions. B Vitamins are also available, especially folate (B9). Not to mention great levels of Vitamin A and E and Omega’s 3 and 6. Eggs do however contain cholesterol, now before you all panic at the mention of the word consider this. Cholesterol in your body is produced in the liver, the amount of cholesterol actually present in the diet may not raise your blood cholesterol as much as what we may believe. In saying that, an optimally functioning liver is crucial to your health, which includes the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.

Eggs are a wonderful addition to a wholefoods diet, less packaged foods and more fresh items will help to keep you energised and prevent many common chronic diseases faced by our society today.