Coffee has become a large part of many peoples lives. From your morning hit, to that end of the day 'wake me up', to catching up with friends over a cup of your favorite beverage.

Oblivious to most however, is the hidden calories you consume when indulging in your caffeinated drink of choice.

(Nutritional information from Gloria Jean's Coffee)
Latte: 219 calories
: 173 calories
Flat white: 223 calories
Long black: 9 calories

Vanilla chiller: 490 calories
Iced chocolate: 560 calories

Have a think about these three important tips next time you've hit a craving or are organising a catch up;

  • Hidden calories in your coffee comes from your milk and added flavoring, so when you can, avoid milk or at least swap to a skim milk option.
  • Size down to a small or medium rather than going for the large option.
  • Instead of sitting at a cafe, grab a take away and go for a stroll. A light walk can burn up to 3 times as many calories as sitting.